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About Iden Rye

Buckingham Farm houses both Iden Rye Kennel and Buckingham Equine, Inc., a Veterinary Clinic. The clinic started in 98 and my first Jack Russell, Licorice, came in 99. Jack Russells began as my companions to horses and a way to remove vermin from the farm. Thank you to Marlene Schmitt of Anglo Terra, who showed me a whole new world of competition. Licorice's first litter bore Ophelia. Fia is her call name and she lives in Finland where she competes in Sweden and has done quite well. Lic was killed during her 2nd pregnancy, so I went back for her younger sister, Artemis and brought back a brother too, Tulsa. Apollo joined the ranks and the 3 were a team, until the boys didn't like eachother anymore. Another outside addition was Sand Country Hollyberry. These are the dogs from which I began my clan.

There was life before Jack Russells and it included some very important things, one was Binky and the other was soccer. Now all things are clinic and Jacks. Who Knew....

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Buckingham Equine, Inc. for Jack Russell Inquiries or call 320-212-8827

buckinghamequine@gmail.comfor Veterianry Inquiries or call 320-967-4412

Jack Russell Terrier Club of America

D. Alex Iden

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